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rookie - 06 May 2013
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hi...we purchased a box store table for our grandchildren.....probably a 300 dollar table tops new? we bought it from someone we knew who purchased it new. The issue is, when you turn on the air blower...the table bows up in the middle....bad enough the pucks wont float slowly passed the center...its like it seperated from something...any fix for this? had an idea to possibly run a very small bolt or screw down the excact middle to hold it down..i know that could impede play but for the kids it may do. Any suggestions, our first table of any kind....I googled air hockey and found this site...thanks in advance. Rookie
TWeissman - 06 May 2013
Total Posts: 210
Sounds like the plastic top isn't connected well to the wood underneath. Your idea might work. But, unless the screw is flush with the plastic, it will definitely impede the motion of the puck, and probably cause the puck to fly off the table a lot. Ultimately, I think you should prepare yourself for the likelihood that the table is not useable unless the kids are toddlers and won't know the difference.

Kids around 5-6 and up won't enjoy playing if the puck flies off every shot. Plus, it's not the safest.

Take care...

rookie - 06 May 2013
Total Posts: 3
thanks.....do u have any idea how those two seperated or what holds them together? (glue) do u think its somehting i can tear apart and re fasten possibly?......we just bought it....Id hate to succumb this quick..lol plus lose the money..lol.....any suggestion is wonderfully accepted....can get much worse right...
Red puck - 06 May 2013
Total Posts: 193
What brand of air hockey did you purchase?
Based on what brand it is, I can tell what to do.
tableman - 07 May 2013
Total Posts: 690
If your original purchaser has the receipt you should try taking going back to the store for an exchange... or contact the manufacturer. Undoubtedly it's a China-made table but the U.S. manufacturers who sell them usually warranty them for a certain length of time.

I don't see how you can adequately repair that because if the laminate has separated from the wood underneath, it means the glue has failed and it's not really repairable without ripping apart the whole playfield. And the China tables are generally not designed in such a way that you can easily remove or replace the playfield.

My company (Gold Standard Games) sells higher-end models of AH tables which are made in the U.S and warrantied for a year. You can see them at www.gold-standard-games.com. Of course our tables are much more expensive and we can't compete on price with the $300 tables from China.
rookie - 10 May 2013
Total Posts: 3
sorry for the delay......we just recently bought it used from the original owner....its a store bought table...i know its not a big dollar game...we didnt or couldnt afford one of those. Just something for us and the kids to play with ....but its useless now..and we paid decent money for it to just throw it away.....i may have to disassemble it and see if i can re glue the pieces that seperated? any idea how to do that with out pluggin all the small air holes?.....not sure the brand...but im sure its china built. Im way outta my league here i can tell....some serious people on here and big dollar tables...Ijsut didnt knwo were else to look to be honest...any help is appreciated...ill try to get the brand of it and get back on here...thanks again!!
tableman - 13 May 2013
Total Posts: 690
Like I said, there's no way I know of to really repair it. Was it in the box when you bought it from your friend? Either way I think your only hope is to have the original purchaser go back to the store or to the manufacturer, if it's still under warranty. Those games are not designed with replaceable tops, so if the warranty is in effect you should get a complete new game.

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