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Mauro - 08 Apr 2013
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In our 10-year history, we've always had 2 or more tables to play our tournaments. But soon we'll have a (great) place that will have only 1 (new and great) table.
This represents a challenge for us, because it would be difficult to make any kind of format for 7 or more players, assuming that we want to make each player a minimum of 4 games each and we don't want a player to wait too long between games.

What ideas could you give us? Did any of you have a similar situation before? Any interesting format?


(PS yes, team competitions is one of the best options, because with doubles matches, you can have 4 players in 1 table simultaneously. But is it plausible any solutions for single-player tournaments?)
goran - 08 Apr 2013
Total Posts: 428
You could run a round robbin league over a few weeks and have the top 4 play a tournament
tableman - 08 Apr 2013
Total Posts: 690
If it's just a weekly, you can do it on one table - we did it for years at the Dark Horse in Boulder, CO. Depending on number of players, you can do 2 out of 3 in the winners, and if needed, just one game in the losers bracket.

For a big tournament, with 4 out of 7 game sets, of course you need more tables....


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